Western and Rural Colorado Health Care Coalition

We are an independent, non-partisan  group of concerned Colorado citizens. Our goal is to provide up to date information regarding the current state of healthcare and health reform as it pertains to all Colorado residents.  More about us.

Why US Health Care Costs Defy Common Sense. … CNN opinion by  Elisabeth Rosenthal

Colorado Initiates A New Model For Health Care While the Nation Waits. US News & World Report, by Kaiser Health News, Contributor 2.28.2020

Alabama hospital to close; 17th to shut down in 10 years. Associated Press 3.2.2020

Healthcare Presentations

Here we provide visitors with fact based information. Our wish is for viewers to have the ability to make reasoned decisions about their own health and insurance options based on current factual evidence.

Paonia presentation 6/25/17… ‘Opening the Black Box’

Paonia HealthCare presentation slideshow download.

Click here to download our Power Point  Presentation    Part 1 “ACA and Colorado”

Click here to download our Power Point  Presentation    Part 2 “Do Americans want to Repeal and Replace?”

Click here to download our Power Point  Presentation    Part 3 “AHCA Summary”

Click here to download our Power Point  Presentation    Part 4 “AHCA Provision by Provision”

Click here to download our Power Point Presentation    Part 5 “IS the ACA Imploding?”


WaRCHCC is a group of western and rural Colorado citizens concerned about local health care information and policy. We strive to research current thought and trends in order to help all Coloradans become wise and healthy consumers.